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A list of all my past guests in 2012 dont forget to see which awesome celebs  interviewed in 2011/2010 includes The Wanted and Ann Widdecombe.

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2012 celebrity interviews stars :)
January  2012

 Blamange (80's band)

Blamange were huge in the 80's and perhaps best known for their classic hit "Living on the ceiling"I spoke to lead singer Neil from the band.

January  2012

Cutting Crew (Tony Moore) (Iron Maiden)


I spoke to Tony Moore a musician who was an early member of Iron Maiden. But is best known for his work in the band Cutting Crew who's biggest hit was "I Just died in your arms tonight".

January 2012

Aden Theobald

. I spoke to Big Brother star 2011 about his time in the Big Brother house, Aden's relationship with Rebecka in the house was a big talking point. I also met Aden at Big Brothers Bit on the Side.

Febuary 2012

Kiki Dee and Carmelo


I spoke to music legend Kiki Dee about her career and work with Sir Elton John. We also spoke about KiKi's work with Carmelo a lovely guy she has worked with for Years. Kiki Dee had a stream of hits including "Don't go breaking my heart" with Elton John. Plus "I got the music in me".

Febuary 2012

Carol Decker (TPAU)

I spoke to a true legend lead singer of TPau, Carol Decker. Tpau had major chart sucess and their biggest hit was "China in your hand" and "Heart and Soul". I spoke to Carol Decker about her time in TPau and about her upcoming projects.

Febuary 2012

Jay and Louise (Big Brother stars)

Jay McKray

Louise Cliffe

I spoke to recently married couple Jay McKray and Louise Cliffe who took part in Big Brother 2011 where the pair met each other and fell in love now a few months on they are happily married :)

March 2012.

Katrina and the Waves

Katrina and The Waves best known for their hit "Walking on sunshine" plus "Love Shine a light". Katrina and the waves WON the Eurovision song contest for the UK in 1997 the last people to win it for us. I spoke with Katrina Leskanich from the band the lead singer.
March 2012

Kelle Bryan (Member of girl group Eternal)

Kelle is an actress and singer. Kelle is best known as a member of girl group "Eternal" who sold over 10 million records worldwiide and had 15 top 20 hits including a UK number 1. Kelle had some solo sucess and has appeared in Eastenders for a bit.


April 2012


Cheryl Fergison was best known for Heather Trott who was killed by Ben Mitchell. Actress Cheryl has since appeared on Loose Woman and was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother 2012.

Tony Discipline - Tony is best known for playing Tyler Moon in Eastenders. Before Eastenders Tony worked in a fish market. Tyler is the new hunk of the show.

Rudolph Walker - Rudolph has been in the industry for a long time and has appeared in many comedy shows including "Love Thy Neighbour" and "The Thin Blue Line". Rudolph plays Patrick Trueman in Eastenders for over a decade.

 John Altman - John is best known for playing Nasty Nick Cotton one of the biggest villans in soap opera history. He has been in the show since the start in 1985 and during his time made returns to the show. He also works in music now and appeared in Celebrity Coach Trip in 2011 alongside Derek Martin aka Charlie Slater.

Melissa Suffeild played Lucy Beale through her divaish teenage years from 2004 -2010. Since leaving Eastenders and giving the role to another actress Melissa has appeared on Casualty.

Judith Jacob - Judith played Carmel Roberts during the 80's and had some big storylines since Eastenders Judith does theatre shows.


April 2012

Adam Child


Adam won the show SHIPWRECKED.

Adam now works in presenting.

April 2012.

Gabriella (Tool Academy)


Gabriella has appeared in Tool Academy with her partner the naked Tool
July 2012

Tina Barrett (SClub 7)


Tina was a former member of SCLUB7 who sold millions of records, loads of uk number 1's, movies and everything you could think of. Now Tina releases her debut single fire.
July 2012

Arron Lowe (Big Brother star) 5 week takeover

Big Brother 2012 star Arron Lowe was on the show for 5 weeks answering his "fans" questions he even visited the studio. After 5 weeks we both agreed to end the slot as got slightly repetitive. Arron has now go on to a 2013 calendar and other projects in the "pipeline".
July 2012

Lydia Louisa (Big Brother 2012)



Lydia Louisa has been in showbiz for a while but took part in Big Brother 2012. She is engaged to Andy Scott Lee a former guest on my show, Lydia was the most booed housemate in 2012.

August 2012


Lauren Carre (Big Brother) x2


A week after she was evicted Lauren joined me on the show. Lauren left the Big Brother house to a load of cheers. Lauren has been on the radio show on 2 occasions.
August 2012

Sheivonne Robinson (Big Brother 2012)

Sheivonne has been on the show twice. Sheivonne took part in Big Brother 2012.
August 2012

Luke Scrase (Big Brother 2012) and Ashleigh

Luke was also a contestant in Big Brother 2012 and his romance with Ashleigh was a big talking point. Ashleigh also spoke to us on the show.
August- September.

Conor McIntyre (Big Brother 2012) (Regular slot)

Big Brother star Conor McIntyre weekly slot. Conor won 50k in Big Brother and joins the show in a regular basis.
Septemeber 2012

Scott Mason (Big Brother star 2012)

Sara and Becky

Scott does some regular slots on the show and has got fellow Big Brother stars on the show to speak to me including Sara and Becky.
September 2012

2 Shoes (X Factor)

2 Shoes took part in X Factor 2011 and was mentored by Tulisa, They now have a record deal and a new single out. "Turn Me Out".
September 2012

Lionel Blair

Showbiz royalty Lionel Blair spoke to me about his career. And some of this recent projects. Lionel is best known for his dancing and presenter "Name that tune" and a panelist for "Give us a clue". In recent years he played him self in Extra's after Ricky Gervais called him and asked him to take part.

September 29th 2012

Aggie MacKenzie

Star of Channel 4 House clean is your house Aggie and formed one of TV's famous duo's "Kim and Aggie". Aggie has also taken part in Celebrity Masterchef and Dancing On Ice as well has writing her own cookery book. Aggie now presents her on show on ITV1 "Storage Busters" selling peoples old bits and bobs.
September 29th 2012

Right Said Fred

Right Said Fred are one of the worlds best known music duos' from there UK number 1 hit "Deeply Dippy" and the legendary "Im too sexy" which reached number 1 in 32 countries. RSF are the first British people to be number 1 in America with a debut single since The Beatles. A recent chart hit for the guys was "Im your mate".
September 29th 2012


I am a huge fan of Luciana her hits include "I like that" and "Come on girl" with Taio Cruz, Luciana has also written music for Kylie Minouges 2011 album.
September 29th 2012

DJ Ironik

DJ Ironik is one of the most current talented music artists. He has been a dj from a young age, He is best known for his chart topping singles including "Tiny Dancer" with Chipmunk and Sir Elton John.  He has had a few top 10 hits and continues to release great material.
October 1st

Eric Saade

 Eric Saade is one of Swedens biggest pop stars, having represented them in Eurovision 2011 he has become a sensation, number 1 singles and albums making duets with artists such as Dev. For me this was amazing as I am a huge fan of Eric's music so to get to speak with him was a great moment and very fun he was a lovely guy.
October 1st

Jake Quickendon 


Jake was a contestant on the X Factor 2012 and made it to judges houses with Nicole Scherzinger, since the X Factor Jake has gone on to release his own material and has a huge fan base, Jake was a very fun guy and a pleasure to interview.
 October 1st

 Jessica - Jane Clements



 Jessica is a televison presenter best know for her part in The Real Husstle. Jessica is also a successful model and done shoots for the top magazines. Jessica was also a contestant in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. 
 October 14th

 Jamie Laing

 Star of reality tv series Made In Chelsea
 October 14th

 Dave Hill


 Best known as part of 70's glam rock band Slade, who's hits include Merry XMAS everyone, Come on feel the noise.
 October 14th 2012

 Deana Uppal


 Deana took part in Big Brother 2012.
 October 21st 2012



Spellbound winners of Britians got Talent have done so many things including Royal Variety performance and the Olympics ceremony.
 October 2012

 Rob Rouse


 Television comedian.
 November 2012

 Matt Cardle

 Matt Cardle winner of The X Factor, number 1 single 2Collide"
 November 2012

 Roy Walker

 Presenter of the hit show Catchphrase a true legend in showbiz.
 November 2012

 Fatboy Slim - Norman Cooke

 Fatboy Slim one on the most iconic and recognized people in UK music. 2012 he did a major set for the closing Olympics ceremony.