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 January 7th 2011






This was the 2nd time Aggro Santos joined me on the show and we spoke about his time in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here also about his brand new single with former Girls Aloud star Kimberly Walsh "Like U Like" which he preformed on Day Break with Kimberly. The single made the top 10 in its 1st week. He is best known for his hit CANDY with Pussy Cat Dolls Singer Kimberly Wyatt which reached number 5 in the UK charts and Saint Or Sinner which made the top 20.

January 14th 2011

Leee John (Imagination)


Leee John (with 3 E's) is the lead singer of soul group Imagination who are best known for there hit "Just An Illusion" which reached number 2 in the UK charts and the group had more top 10 hits. They have earned Silver, Gold and Platinum discs for all of there work and in 2011 celebrated there 30 years as Imagination. 

January 14th 2011

Simon Crowe (Boomtown Rats)


Simon Crowe is a member of the Boomtown Rats who have had 2 number 1 hits "Rat Trap" and "I don't Like Mondays" as well as more in the UK charts. The band was fronted by Sir Bob Geldof and Simon still works with Roberts from the Boomtown Rats. 

January 14th 2011

Dorian Graze


 Dorian Graze are a brand new band and this was there 1st ever radio interview which I was lucky to get to interview the whole band 1st. I also played the debut single "The Destination" 1st on radio (Im so Lucky). The band had a great response from the single.

January 21st 2011

 Andy Scott-Lee



Andy Scott-Lee was a member of the group 3SL with his brothers. The group made the charts but after being dropped by there record company Andy was a contestant on Pop Idol in which he did really well. His Sister Lisa Scott-Lee was in the band steps. Andy is 2011 was in a 6 month tour of G Mania a stage show based on the hit show Glee.

 January 21st 2011
 Rikki Loney  Rikki Loney was a X Factor Live show contestant in 2009. He is in 2011 part of G Mania the stage show based on Glee.
 January 21st 2011
 Stacey McClean  Stacey McClean was a member of the pin up group to S Club 7 (S Club juniors or 8) with Frankie and Rochelle of the Saturdays. The group S Club juniors had many top 10 hits of there own and many top 2 hits. In 2009 Stacey made it to the judges houses of the X Factor in which she sang in front of Kylie and Dannii Minouge. Stacey is also part of G Mania the new stage show which features reality stars based on the hit TV show Glee.
 January 28th 2011 

 80's band best known for there hits everybody salsa and These are the best days of our lives. They have been in the charts on many occasions. http://www.modern-romance.com/ 


 January 28th 2011

 Liz McClarnon


 Member of girl group Atomic Kitten who had an amazing 3 UK number 1 singles including "Whole Again" and "The Tide is High" they sold millions and millions of records and deffo one of the biggest girl groups in history. Now Liz McClarnon has her own TV show "Hotter than my Daughter". In 2006 Liz released her debut solo single "Woman In Love" which went to number 5 in the UK charts. She won Celebrity masterchef and also came 2nd in Celebrity Love Island..
February 4th 2011

 George Anderson (Shakatak)



Shakatak in the 80's were at the hight of success and had many chart hits and have a big fan base. George Anderson spoke to me about his new album Positivitie.
February 4th 2011

 Dennis Locorriere


 Dennis is best known as a lead vocalist in the 70's band Dr hook who had a number 1 UK hit "When your in love with a beautiful woman" and many others. They were the biggest band of the 70's. Now Dennis has a great solo career and is always on tour.
 February 4th 2011

 Antony Costa (Blue)


 Antony Costa is a member of the boy/man band who are one of the UK'S biggest band who have had 3 number 1 UK albums and 3 UK number 1 singles. "One Love" "All Rise" "Sorry seems to be the hardest word with Elton John" are a few of there hits. He was a contestant on I'm a celebrity get me out of here in 2005 and also on celebrity 5 go to on channel 4. He had a solo career and his debut single went to the top 20 in the UK charts. Blue will be the UK'S representative in Eurovision song contest in 2011.
 February 11th 2011

 Elkie Brooks



 Elkie Brooks has been in the music industry for over 5 decades now. Best known for some of her hits including "Pearl's a singer". She has also had many other singles to make it to the UK charts.

 March 4th 2011

(originally recorded December 2010)


 Laurence Juber



 Laurence Juber is best known as a member of the band "Wings". Lead by Sir Paul McCartney and many hits including Mull of Kintyre"
"Girls' School" all number 1 UK singles. Laurence also has a very active solo career and worked on many great projects.
 March 4th 2011 Series 2 starts with Ben Duncan  Series 2 starts with Big Brother's Ben Duncan he has also starred in Celebrity Coach Trip.
 March 11th 2011

 Nikki Grahame

 Star of Big Brother and known for her legendary catchphrase "who is she". Nikki even came 2nd in Ultimate Big Brother. Nikki had her own TV show called Princess Nikki. She now does radio for Foxy Bingo.
 March 11th 2011

 Ruby Turner


 Ruby Turner is a singer and actress best known for her work with Jools Holland and Tom Jones. She also starred with Colin Firth in Love Actually and also starred in Little Britain Abroad.
March 11th 2011

 Graham Cole

 Graham Cole is best known for playing PC Tony Stamp in The Bill from 1984-2009 and also appeared in Dr Who on many occasions.
March 25th 2011David Van Day70's and 80's popstar known for being in Dollar who's hits include Mirror. David came back into the public eye when he took part in i'm A celebrity get me out of here in 2008 and became a hit with the public. David his known for being outragious but great entertainment value. Now David and His wife Sue Moxley work together as a group.
March 25th 2011

 Sue Moxley

Beauty editor of The Sun newspaper and also has her own range of perfume. Sue is now a singer and partner of David Van Day
March 25th 2011

 Katie Owen


 Internet singing sensation soon to be major star.
 April 14th

 Big Brother Returns discussion with

Pete Bennet who won Big Brother in 2007, Pete suffers with tourettes. 



Ife KuKu - I spoke to Ife last year and she returned to chat about Big Brother coming back.

 On a one off Thursday show when it was announced Big Brother is to return on Channel 5, me being an addict decided to do a special speaking to a couple of ex housemates and get there thoughts on the show coming back. Broadcast live on Thursday 14th April 3-4PM
 April 15th 2011 

 Louie Spence

 The nations favourite dancer. Louie Spence is known for being very camp and energetic. Louie has become a huge star after his time on Pineapple dance studios. Now having his own show called Show Buisness. Now about to crack America Louie has some big projects on the go. He has been on Celebrity Juice, Jonathon Ross and many more.
 April 29th 2011

 John Challis

 This is the 2nd time I spoke to John, Known as Boycie in Only Fools And Horses. After the sad news on the passing of writer of Only Fools and Horses John Sullivan I spoke to John Challis to talk about the life of John Challis.
 May 14th 2011

 Eurovision Song Contest Special

Bobby G of Bucks Fizz

Martin Lee of Brotherhood of Man

David Ducasse of Scooch

Daz Sampson

 I spoke to Bobby G of Bucks Fizz who won the Eurovsion Song Contest in 1981 with there number 1 hit "Making your mind up" they also had more number 1 hits.

I also spoke to Martin Lee of Brotherhood of man who won the contest in 1976 with there number 1 hit "Save all your kisses for me" plus they had other UK number 1 singles.

I spoke to David from the band Scooch who represented us in 2007 and came 22nd in the contest with there song "Flying the flag".

I spoke to Daz Sampson who represented us in 2006 with his song "Teenage Life".

I played music from past Eurovision contestants and from the 2011 show.

 May 21st 2011 Robert Lindsay   A true legend and icon Robert Lindsay is one of Englands greatest and most respected actors ever. Perhaps best known as Wolfie Smith it the sitcom Citizen Smith or as dentist Ben Harper in My Family.
  Series 11  
 July 1st 2011 Ben and Jamie  These guys are great fundraisers, appearing on Noel Edmonds Christmas Presents there song entered the charts and they have since been back in the charts with a track recorded with Chris de burg.
 July 8th 2011

 The Wanted - Siva Kaneswaren

 The Wanted are the UK's biggest and hottest boy band. They strom the charts with there great singles these include there Number 1 records "All Time Low" and "Glad you came" not forgetting there other top 5 charted hits "Heart Vacancy" "Gold forever" also another hit includes "Lose my mind" there debut album went to the top 5. These guys are on every TV show and are by far AListers. I spoke to Siva from the band.
 July 15th 2011

 Ashley Taylor Dawson -

 Ashley is best known for playing Darren in Hollyoaks and is one of the longest running cast members. I met Darren as you can see from the top picture. The week after I spoke to him on the show about his music plans etc. Darren was also part of allSTARS band. He has been nominated Sexiest male at various TV awards.
 August 5th 2011Six D - Chantelle  Six D are a street dance music act who have done so well there debut single and one of my favourite tracks of the year "best Damn Night" made it to the top 40 uk charts. The guys have also toured with JLS and The Saturdays.
 August 19th 2011

 Theo Black


 Theo won my Penwith Has talent competition. He is 13 years old and is a singer.
 August 26th

 Waterloo Road Cast charity 3 peakes challenge. 

William Ash A.K.A Mr Mead


Jack Mcmullen A.K.A Finn Sharkey



Dean Smith A.K.A Phillip


Ben Ryan Davies A.KA Ronan Burley  




 The Cast of Waterloo Road have took on a challenge for charity. 3 Peaks Challenge.

 August 26th 2011

 Big Brother debate

 With the return of Celebrity Big Brother to Channel 5 I spoke to former housemates Ben , IFE And Lisa. Also members of the public had there say on the show.
 September 2nd 2011

 James "Arg" Argent


 I speak to one of the lead cast members from the BAFTA award winning show "Towie" being The Only Way Is Essex he chats about being one of the most famous men in the UK at the moment and life in Essex
 September 2nd 2011

 DJ Talent

 DJ Talent is one of the most talked about Britains Got Talent contestants of all time. Known for the song "you say britain we say talent" the public warmed to DJ Talent.
 September 2nd 2011

 Stuart "The Brand" Baggs

 Stuart Baggs set out to become Lord Sugars apprentice however he became the most memorible Apprentice contestant ever now because of his buisness skills him skills in making us laugh and has become a reality start. Known as The Brand I think we will see more of Stuart in the future.
 September 9th 2011



 This is the 2nd time I have spoke to Jaya on the show and I loved it, she makes great music and was lovely to chat too. She has worked with Wretch 32 and Peter Andre and many other stars including JLS.
 October 7th 2011

 Dodgy (Matthew Preist)

 I spoke to 90's band Dodgy known for there chart hit "Good Enough"
 October 14th

 Kernow King


 I spoke to Cornish comedian and internet sensation Kernow King. Known for his passion for Cornwall and his amazing Youtube videos. My freinds who are fans Nick Smith, Jessica Fullman, Cliff Richards, Doran Williams, Ryan Adams spoke to the king himself and they had a laugh to say the least.
 October 28th 2011

 Junior Giscombe

 Junior Giscombe is one of the greatest ever RNB artists and had major success in the 80's and had many chart hits including "Mamma Used to say"
 November 4th 2011

Shut up and Dance


 Shut up and Dance were a band from the 90's and had hits including "Raving i'm Raving".
 November 4th 2011

 Tasmin Archer


 Tasmin Archer is a hugely successful singer and in the 90's was one of the decades biggests stars, Tasmin is still making great music . And had a UK number 1 with "Sleeping Satellite".
 November 11th 2011

 Beverley Craven

 Beverley Craven is a music legend without a doubt and has had major hits including "PROMISE ME" it was great fun speaking to Beverley and I can tell you Beverley still works in the music industry.
 December 2011

 Peri Sinclair

 Star of The Only Way Is Essex since series 3.
 December 2011 Lydia Bright Lydia Bright "The Only Way is Essex" star Lydia Bright hits the red carpet for the Philips British Academy Television Awards (BAFTAS) held at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London.Lydia has starred in The Only Way Is Essex since the very first series and has been involved in many storylines.